Please fill out the entirety of the form below to register to volunteer. After you submit, you will be redirected to Sign Up Genius to schedule a time to volunteer.  If not directed to Sign Up Genius please look up the sign up by using the creator email of jenniferm@morethanabus.org.  

You must be 16 or older to serve.  If under 18 years old you will need a sign authorization letter from your parents giving permission for you to serve.

I have never been convicted of, nor pled guilty or no contest to, a crime. (Exclude convictions that have been  sealed, expunged or legally eradicated, misdemeanor convictions for which probation was completed and the case was dismissed, or offenses about which inquiry is not permissible in this state)

I have never terminated my employment, professional credentials, or service in a volunteer position or had my employment, professional credentials, or authorization to hold a volunteer position terminated for reasons relating to allegations of actual or attempted sexual discrimination, harassment, exploitation, or misconduct; physical abuse; child abuse; or financial misconduct.

The covenants between persons seeking authorized volunteer positions in the ministry require honesty, integrity, and truthfulness for the health of the organization. To that end, I attest that the information set forth in this  application is true and complete. I understand that any misrepresentation or omission may be grounds for rejection of consideration for, or termination of, the position I am seeking to fill. I acknowledge that it is my duty in a timely fashion to amend the responses and information I have provided if I come to know that the response or information was incorrect when given or, though accurate when given, the response or information is no longer accurate.


Beginning such relationships with an open exchange of relevant information builds the foundation for a continuing and healthy covenant between volunteers and the organization they seek to serve. To that end, I authorize More Than a Bus and/or its agents to make inquiries regarding my character and qualifications, including all statements I have set forth above. I also authorize all entities, persons, former employers, supervisors, courts, law enforcement, and other public agencies to respond to inquiries concerning me, to supply verification of the statements I have made, and to comment on and state opinions regarding my background, character, and qualifications. To encourage such persons and entities to speak openly and responsibly, I hereby release them from all liability arising from their responses, comments, and statements.


More Than a Bus authorized volunteer recruitment process involves the sharing of information regarding applicants with those persons in a position to recruit, secure, and supervise both the position I am seeking to fill and program I am seeking to participate in. To that end, I authorize More Than a Bus and its agents to circulate, distribute, and otherwise share information gathered in connection with this application to such persons for these purposes. I understand that More Than a Bus will share with me information it has gathered about me, if I request it to do so.

I agree to report to the person in charge:

Any Onset of the Following Symptoms, Either While serving, Including the Date of Onset:

1. Diarrhea
2. Vomiting
3. Jaundice
4. Sore throat with fever
5. Infected cuts or wounds, or lesions containing pus on the hand, wrist , an exposed body part, or other body part
and the cuts, wounds, or lesions are not properly covered (such as boils and infected wounds, however small)

Future Medical Diagnosis:
Whenever diagnosed as being ill with Norovirus, typhoid fever (Salmonella Typhi ), shigellosis (Shigella
spp. infection), Escherichia coli O157:H7 or other EHEC/STEC infection, or hepatitis A (hepatitis A virus

Future Exposure to Foodborne Pathogens:
1. Exposure to or suspicion of causing any confirmed disease outbreak of Norovirus, typhoid fever,
shigellosis, E. coli O157:H7 or other EHEC/STEC infection, or hepatitis A.
2. A household member diagnosed with Norovirus, typhoid fever, shigellosis, illness due to EHEC/STEC,
or hepatitis A.
3. A household member attending or working in a setting experiencing a confirmed disease outbreak of
Norovirus, typhoid fever, shigellosis, E. coli O157:H7 or other EHEC/STEC infection, or hepatitis A.

I have read (or had explained to me) and understand the requirements concerning my responsibilities under the Food Code and this agreement to comply with:
1. Reporting requirements specified above involving symptoms, diagnoses, and exposure specified;
2. Work restrictions or exclusions that are imposed upon me; and
3. Good hygienic practices.
I understand that failure to comply with the terms of this agreement could lead to action by the food
establishment or the food regulatory authority that may jeopardize my employment and may involve legal action
against me.